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Hiring The Best Talent


Companies run well when they hire the best talent.Companies without good employees is like a building without a proper foundation.Talented employees are the backbone of any Company.How to hire the best talent? In this article,I will tell the ways to hire the best employees in the world.

Older Methods

Putting Ads on Newspapers:

Companies put advertisements on newspapers and hire employees.This depends on  the newspaper on which they are putting the ads,its popularity with the masses. If the newspaper is more popular,then they can get more candidates,local as well as outstation candidates.In this method,they usually get the employee within a particular region. The HR manager can hire regional candidates. This method is suitable for jobs related to linguistic process.

Direct Walkin:

Some Companies conduct Direct Walkin for particular jobs. This attracts lot of job seekers. The hiring manager can have one-to-one discussion with the candidates. The con is that they are limited to a particular geography and the company may or may not get the desired candidate.They always end up with a local hire.This type of method is suited for marketing jobs because they want the candidates to be fully aware of the local geography of the city. The candidate can do marketing well because they know the nook and corner of the city, as they are locals, and they know who is the big man in the city, and contact the right person to get the project.

Internet Hire:

Internet is the discovery of the millennium. It is the modern and best method to hire candidates. In this method, the Company can have a global reach and it can hire candidates from a pool of candidates around the globe. In this, there are three types:

  • Job Sites

  • Freelancing websites

  • Social Media Websites

The Most Important Job Sites are:





The above job sites are the best in the world.In this type,Candidates have to create an account and submit their resume/CV on the jobsite. Employers, check these sites using keywords,select the candidates,conduct interview and get the best talent.If you want fresh candidates from all over the world,then this method is good.

The Most Important Freelancing Websites are:





The above websites are the best freelancing websites in the world.Candidates from all over the world, who are mostly experienced candidates, and they are self starters, create account on these sites,bid for projects  as well as bid for candidates. They select the candidates,conduct interview and get the best talent.In this method, the Company can hire best experienced candidates. Also Contract2Hire Candidates can be easily found and filtered out.

The Most Important Social Media Jobsite is :


It is the No.1 Social Media Job Site where you can find the CV’s of almost all the top entrepreneurs in the world. Here you can connect with all the bones of the company and get employee referrals and attend interviews.The Company can hire the best talent who is spotted out by its own employee already and hence have mutual trust.There is no need to do behaviour analysis as the employee knows the candidate very well. So future problems are sorted out.


  In this millennium,everything is based on Computers and Internet Technology is the backbone of all. We use the modern technology to hire candidates and get the best out of them.In Internet, we have options to choose candidates from all over the world, irrespective of religion,caste,Color.The human resource is more,the talent is versatile and hiring is cheap and fast.At the end of the day,cutting cost to the company is what the company expects and it can be done through Internet based hiring. A penny saved is a penny earned. So if you are a jobseeker or an employer or an employee who wants to refer someone, please share this article on Social Media Sites like Facebook so that a jobseeker or an employer will benefit in some way. There are lot of poor people who are jobless and showing the right path itself by sharing this article will help them lead a better life and they will pray for you to God to show mercy towards you.

Musical Business



Businessmen are the heroes of the world.All the richest person in the world are businessman.Business is the backbone of a Country’s economy. So what is business? In this article, I will share some ideas to do business particularly musical business.

Starting a Business

  1. Money
  2. Type of Business
  3. Requirement Analysis

To get a job,money is not needed.But to start a business,money is needed. First,we have to choose the type of business we want to start.It depends on our interest.Based on that interest,We should do the requirement analysis. What are the things we need to start a business? For Example,if we want to start a Music troop,then we need all the musical instruments.We have to calculate for the cost of musical instruments. Then hire talented musician,singer,background dancers etc. Then make arrangements for the necessary money and start the troop.

Create a website

Once you start a troop,You have to go and do musical concerts.For that we have to get the musical projects. First hire a Web Developer and create a website. The website should be high quality website. Once the website is created,We have to popularize the music band.

Social Media

We have to popularize our music brand through Social Media Sites like Facebook,Twitter,Youtube.For that we need content. We have to create a music album or atleast a single song  and publish it on YouTube,Facebook and get followers on the site.

Search Engine Optimization

To get followers on our site,Our site has to show first on Google Page Rank. So we do a Technique called Search Engine Optimization and make our web page and our album to show on the first page of popular search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo.Once that is done,people will start watching our songs and an audience is created for us.

Doing a Concert

Once our music gets popular, we have to start doing concerts locally as well as internationally. For that we can issue tickets through our website.When we get more audience,the concert will become successful and our popularity grows internationally.

Giving a TV interview

Once our popularity rises, We can start giving TV interviews and get more popular.Then we will automatically get project for Hollywood and if we do better, we will naturally get more Offers and also get more money

Acting Profession

Once we enter Hollywood, we can do acting also. If we are not from English background,then we can dub our movies or songs in our local language and gain even more popularity.If our popularity slides,then we can do a TV show or do some ads and stay alive with the competition and regain our popularity.

Getting Older

Once we get old, we can train young boys and girls and mentor the students to become professional artists and get awards.

Charity Work

Once we have enough money,we can do charity work and help others and become even more popular with the masses and then contest for elections and become President of the Country.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a Latin pop star who started her career as a pop singer and entered Hollywood and is leading a rich life.Please visit her website at for more details.

Glow by Jennifer Lopez for Women 3.4 Ounce


Business is a nice way to earn money. You can become rock star and become famous within a day.There are so many people who are hesitating to start a musical career. Please share this article on Facebook and other Social Media Sites and help them get a positive feeling about music and become a popular person and one day they will quote you that because of this article,I am here.

How to Get a Job




In today’s world getting a job is not easier. More and more people are jobless everyday. Getting a job is an art.In this article, we will look at the ways to get a job.

Campus Selection

This is the easiest way to get selected for a job. Most of the companies come to college campus to recruit students. If we have higher percentage of marks ,we get a chance to appear for the interview. Once we clear all the rounds, we are selected for that job. 


This is another method to get a job. Companies need fresh candidates.They hire students as interns and give training.Apply on the company website and if you are shortlisted, you will get a call. Once you clear the interview,You are selected for internship. If you do well in internship, then you will become a permanent employee of the Company.


Once you are out of College and you are not selected, then the best way to get a job is through job sites. For this you need a resume. Preparing a resume is itself an art.Once your resume is ready,you can create account on online job sites. The best job sites are :


Once you create an account,you can fill all the required details and attach your resume with your profile and make it visible to employers.Then employers who search on these job sites, look for candidates using keywords.So your resume should have good amount of keywords. Once you are shortlisted, they will call you. Once you clear the interview process, you will get the offer letter.

Job Search Through Social Media

Social media like facebook,twitter,linkedin plays a great part in selecting candidates.Facebook has lot of groups for job seekers. You can join that group and apply for the advertised jobs. LinkedIn is the best social media dedicated for jobseekers. All the people in the world including big entrepreneurs like Bill Gates have profiles on LinkedIn.Employers search profiles through LinkedIn. Here you can create contact with the employees of Companies through friend request.Once the request is accepted, you can ask for internal reference. Companies give weightage for internal reference because their employees  know the candidate well. So they can check with the employees about the behavioural aspects of the candidate.With this, they know the candidate in advance.So future problems are sorted out.

Resume Vs CV

Bio data of a fresh candidate is called resume. Bio data of experienced candidate is called Curriculum Vitae or CV.

Contract Jobs

If you are an experienced candidate, then you can apply for Contract jobs and start your own company.There are lot of websites such as


Where you put your CV, bid for projects and get a contract work and start your own company.In these types of jobs, there are work from home opportunities. Here you can have your own timings to work and have lot of fun.There is no need to go to Office everyday. With the comfort of your home ,you can work.


As people are losing their jobs everyday,getting a job is becoming more and more difficult. As there is more and more competition,finding ways to get a job is important. Most of the people are talented.But they do not know the various options that are in front of them.So I request you to share this article so that more people will come to know these websites and get a job easily.

Let Us Become a Businessman



Businessmen are the heroes of the world.  All the richest people in the world are from business field. What is the reason for their success?  Why people from other fields are not the richest people in the world? We will analyse this issue in this article.

Professionals Versus Business People

A Scientist, Sportsman, Engineer, Doctor are all well respected in the society.  However, they are not in the top ten list. These people earn their money by living in their own income and pay taxes for their income. They earn due to the skill of theirs. What these persons, commonly called public, excluding the business fraternity, spend their income by purchasing some things.  It is going into the hands of shopkeeper a.k.a.businessman. Professionals earn their money due to their skills.However, a business person earn their money by exchanging some items and not through their skill.  

Income Analysis

A professional’s income is divided into:

  • Expenditure

  • Income tax

  • Savings

A businessperson’s income is divided into:

  • Expenditure

  • Savings

Income Tax

Businessperson do not spend money on income tax.  A professional’s income is taxed whereas a businessman’s transaction is not taxed.  They say that it is taxed but the taxes for the transaction is charged on professional’s bill. It is not charged on  businessman’s bill.They say that they are doing service for the public.So it is not taxed on their bill;public should bear the tax.  A professional is earning money to feed his family which is taxed.  But a businessman is also doing business to feed his family but their transactions are not taxed. Businessman’s tax is paid by  the common man. So their income tax becomes additional income. Also they do false charts regarding their income.So they have to spend little money as tax for their huge income.  Government knows that they are false charts but they manage to escape and  it is giving them additional income.Business person’s intellectual fraud is eating into Common man’s pocket and it again drains the professional’s money. So the professional becomes poorer and the business person becomes richer.

A professional’s Earning Is Fixed

When the price of commodities become high, professionals cannot increase their salary.So when there is price rise, they have to spend additional money.This makes them poorer again.

A Businessman’s Earning Is Not Fixed

When there is a price rise,  businessman will increase the commodities price. So there is no additional expenditure for them.  They collect additional money from the professionals.  It increases the income of businessman greatly. When there is price fall, they do not reduce the price which again adds into their income.A common man’s need is converted into businessman’s money.But a businessman’s need is not converted into common man’s money.

Foreign Exchange

Most often, business people travel abroad.  When they come back, they get huge money through foreign exchange. For example, a businessman coming back to India from Dubai will get seventeen times the original amount. Thanks to 1 Dirham= 17 Rupees;A businessman coming back from U.S. to India will get sixty times of his original amount;  Thanks to 1 Dollar= 60 Rupees;Businessman’s money is multiplied by their foreign exchanges. So business people will become more and more rich. The money multiplied has to be beared by the common man of the nation which will further make him poorer.

This is another form of interest.  Interest will make rich into richer and the poor will become more poorer.


All the above said points are called world economics. The world does not see anything wrong in these policies. This means that world economics favour business people. So better become a business person and live wealthy instead of toiling hard on other fields and earn nothing.So study business,start a business and live a wealthy life.

Let Us Change



In Today’s world everything is changing.People used to watch Television and listen to radio before.Now we are in the internet era and everything is Computer based.People are switching  from Cell Phones to Smart Phones.What it means is Technology is changing and in turn it changes the way people live.Fashion changes everyday.Time changes every second.Earth changes it’s position every day and night.If you dig deep into this,we can understand that it is the word ‘Change’ which makes everything continue their existence.Likewise for human beings to exist and live life in a better way,human beings have to Change.


Why Human beings need to change?

If you look at nature and the world,it is continuously changing.Temperature,Climate and Season changes Continuously.Likewise,Human beings have to change.People have changed  from Stone Age person to internet savvy person.Man has to change for  survival and better living.If something is not going right,then something has to be changed. Isn’t it?.We can live better if we know to change.Every person in this world dreams about a happy living,healthy living,good economic conditions,better Climate,better comfort,better style.How can we achieve these dreams?We have to make some changes in our habits,our thinking.


How can we change our habits?


Smokers have to change to quit smoking.

Smokers have to change the way they live.For that,they have to change the way they think.They have to change to a condition that they have their mind in control.They have to change their resistance levels for Nicotine.Once they change their resistance,they can quit smoking.


A fatty person has to run and swim a lot.

Fatty person has to change their cholestrol level.For that they have to change the way they think.They have to change to a condition that they have their mind in control.They have to change their resistance levels for Cholestrol foods.Once they change their resistance,they can become slim.


How can we change our lives?

Once we know how to change our habits and take full control of our mind,then the system is stable and we are ready to roar to reach our goals.First we have to set a target to reach our goals.Then set a path to reach the target destination.Make changes to our priorities and learn new ideas,techniques,courses to gain knowledge in that field.Once we make a habit of reading,learning new ideas related to our field,we are good to go.It is just like setting out tools ready.Now we are ready to drive our Vehicle through the path.If the path is rough and patchy,then we have to apply our formula word, ie.”Change”.Change the strategy,make essential changes  and ride over that path and we can reach our destination.Once we achieve our goals,then change the goals,apply our formula word and repeat the process.That’s it.


What is the formula?

Our formula is the word “CHANGE”.



Once we know our formula and know how to apply it to our situation,We can change our lives.Once our lives are changed,the world will change and our comfort zone will change and our dreams will come true.So let’s apply the formula ‘change’.If you have read up to this far,then you are ready for a change.Make it a habit to read our blog and apply the formulas we say,then you will definitely see a change in your life.




Inspirational Quotes

Famous Quotes Of Mohamed Shalimar

“Success of every person lies in the failure of others”

“Beat the Best,Best will become better”

“The word ‘Will’ has more willpower than the most powerful words”

“Failure is the father of Success”

“Death succeeds you only when you are not able to succeed death”

“Failure has no Face Value”

“Future of failure depends on the failure of future”

“Stability of Success depends on Successive Success”

“Yesterday occurs due to the Success of Today”’

“Success has everything to Show whereas Failure has everything to hide”

“Success battles better than Failure”

Start and End of the World

Screenshot (14)

Screenshot (15)

Before the creation of Adam,Jinns were created at the place called Bahla in Oman.When God wanted to create mankind,he created Adam A.S. at the place called Adam,Oman.Oman is the shortform of Oh Mankind.Sur is the place where the Angel will start blowing the trumphet or Sur.Dajjal will be called Masih or False Messiah.He is tied with in the island Called Masirah Island.Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) clearly told that Dajjal will come from the east.”Adn” is the original name of Eden and the City of Aden is the Garden of Eden.When Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise,they prayed to God and they met at Mt.Arafa in Saudi Arabia.From there this world started and on the day of  Resurrection,all the human beings will be assembled at Mt.Arafa.That’s why it is so important that during hajj,everybody should be at Arafa and hence Arafa day is called Hajj day.

Surah Al Kahf,Dhulqarnain,Yajuj,Majuj,Sleepers of the Cave,Khidr and Moosa A.S.

                 Dhulqarnain is normally interpreted as “Two Horns” but my interpretation is Dhul means “two”,Qarn means “Mountain” and Ain means “Spring or Blowhole or Gate or Wall” which translates to Wall between two mountains or Spring near two mountains.Based on my interpretation, I have found that Jebel Al Qamr mountains near Salalah,Oman are the ones in between which Dhulqarnain erected the wall to save people from Gog and Magog also known as Yajuj and Majuj.At the start of Jebel Al Qamr mountains near Mughsail beach,there is Marneef Cave where we can see the spring or blowholes. The Marneef Cave Rock itself look like a person with a long nose when viewed from blow holes or spring.It might be the tomb of Dhulqarnain.Also we can talk with ghosts or Soul which left or Rooh in Marneef Cave.Marneef Cave

                Surah Al Kahf in Holy Quran talks about three subject: 1)Sleepers of the Cave 2)Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S. 3)Dhulqarnain and Yajuj,Majuj. Marneef Cave may be the sleepers Cave.Mughsail Sea might be the point where Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S. fish escaped . We can talk to souls or ghosts in Marneef Cave and Dhulqarnain wall can be found out in between Jebel Al Qamr Mountains.When I went there for a ride,I had seen the rocks were built inside with iron and some three feet height mongol looking persons were digging to put hole and  two persons were filling the hole.A competition was going on between them.My opinion is that the Mongol looking persons may be majuj and yajuj and the persons filling the holes may be Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S..Oman’s old name was Majan which sound like Majuj and yemenis were yajuj.Dhofar region was once part of Yemen and Yemen king had given it as a gift to Oman ruler.Yajuj,Majuj’s are people in and around Salalah and they were arrested and kept inside Jebel Al Qamr Mountains.Inside the mountains,I had seen iron and outside surface was yellow in color which looked like limestone mixed with Copper.I did not go upto the top and my driver told that there was a gate at the top of the mountain and it might be the Dhulqarnain gate.

Photo0092           Photo0100   Photo0091

               Marneef Cave was almost corroded.Visitors often were scared to stand below because the rock might fell down due to corrosion.My opinion is that the world will last till the Dhulqarnain rock gets completely eroded and by that time the wall may be broken by Gog and magog and they will start doing atrocities and it is one of the major signs predicted by Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) preceding Doomsday.

              Scholars differ in their opinion about  “who is Dhulqarnain  ?”.Is he Alexander or Cyrus The Great.In my opinion,Alexander The Great is Dhulqarnain because Alexander only travelled to South and Cyrus went only to the North.  

My trip to Salalah,Oman

Hello Travellers,

I welcome you all to my blog.This article is about my trip to Salalah in Oman.Salalah is located in the south of Sultanate of Oman bordering Yemen.Salalah is a well known tourist spot in the Gulf.It is Called “Gulf Kashmir”.Everyone knows Kashmir and it’s a part of India.I am an Indian and I started my trip from the southernmost tip of India called Kanyakumari.Of Course,India starts from Kashmir and ends at Kanyakumari.I boarded a flight from Trivandrum to Muscat and landed at the Muscat Airport at about 6:20 A.M. I was very much excited to land on Muscat because it was my first international trip.My friend took me and I stayed at my brothers home at Ibri.

                At midnight,I boarded a bus from Ibri and reached Salalah the next morning.The journey was amazing as I did not feel any jerks.Oman roads were fantastic when compared to Indian roads.I took a room and had a bath and went to see Prophet Ayub A.S. tomb and prayed there and drank the water from the fountain which has miraculous medical Properties.The water was very cold and sweet and I enjoyed it.This fountain is mentioned in the Holy Quran and in the Bible as Job’s fountain.

Next I went to Prophet Imran A.S. tomb and prayed there.This site is important for Muslims,Jews as well as Christians.Jews beleive that it was Prophet Moosa A.S. father and Christians beleive that it was Mariam A.S. father. The tomb was very lengthy about 30 feet.

              Next I went to Marneef cave which is along the beach side.Oman is famous for Jinns or Ghosts.Here  you can see ghosts coming and talking with us.It was a thrilling experience.Jinns eyes were very yellow with which we can distinguish Jinns or Ghosts from the human beings.Marneef cave is a must visit for ghost lovers.

                Next I went to a place called Mirbat which is a old port which is famous for fishing.This city was named after Mirbat who is a descendent of Prophet Mohamed(PBUH).His tomb is also there.

I went to the gravity point which is also a must visit for travellers.The driver put the car to Neutral and without putting any gear it automatically moved upwards without any acceleration and went a long distance.

                Salalah Museum was very good.Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) handwritten letter was kept there.We can see Oman’s heritage there.We can see lot of forts there in Oman.Oman scents were very famous.Salalah is snowy during season period and very dry during Off-season period.Salalah is similar to kerala in many sense.We can see lot of Coconut trees and lot of keralites particularly from Calicat there.

                Also you can see Prophet Salih A.S. and Prophet Hud A.S. tombs there at Salalah.You can also see the tomb of Cheraman Peruman,the Hindu king who converted to Islam during Prophet’s period.He was the first Indian converted to Islam.He saw the moon splitted by Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) and  went from India to Saudi Arabia and converted to Islam there and while coming back,he stayed at Salalah and died there.

Also you can see Gog and Magog also known as Yajuj,Majuj there.Oman’s historical name was Majan and they refer to Majuj and Yemenis are Yajuj.Majans had historical links with chinese and Mongolians were also called Majuj.You can see Dhulqarnain wall while going from Salalah to Yemen by road.You can see the mountains filled with Copper and inside with Iron.It was an amazing ride to the hills.

                Any article about Oman should include Jinns or Ghosts and any reference to Jinns should include Bahla which is a old city near Ibri.It is the birth place of Jinns or Ghosts.You can definitely see ghosts in Bahla and in Nizwa fort.You can see Jinns praying at Hijar mosque in Bahla.Ganapathy has elephant’s head and man’s body.Likewise you can see Jinns with human body and donkey legs there.Jinns noses are like skull,their eyes are very very yellow and their legs are like donkey legs.

               There is a place around the Yemen border where you can see sea on one side and mountains on other side.There one tree is there in the mountain.If you clap hands,Water will drop from the root of the tree.If you clap fast,water will fall fast and if you stop clapping,water dropping will stop.

                People who want adventure in their lives can visit Oman and enjoy a lot.Braveness is essential.You can definitely see or feel about some ghosts roaming.Muscat and Salalah are modern cities,Muscat is the capital of Oman and it has lot of beaches.You can enjoy modern life there.Sultan Qaboos Mosque is known for it’s architecture.I came back to Seeb Airport and took Oman Air and reached Trivandrum and back to Kanyakumari.Oman tour is just like Bermuda cruise and it is very worthy.Book the tickets and enjoy Oman.

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